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    Rotating bowl Handmade in Kashmir, Paper mache home decor-

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    Rotating Bowl: Handmade and Hand-painted Hazara Craftsmanship

    Unveil the allure of this exclusive and handcrafted rotating bowl, a testament to exquisite artistry and personalized home decor. Created by skilled artisans in the enchanting region of Kashmir, this bowl stands as a unique and captivating addition to your living spaces.

    Key Features:

    1. One-of-a-Kind Design: This handmade bowl features a distinct and unique design, ensuring that each piece is one of a kind.
    2. Hand-Painted Hazara Craftsmanship: Meticulously hand-painted with Hazara craftsmanship, showcasing vibrant floral miniatures in an array of colors.
    3. Dimensions: With a height of 40 inches and a width of 12 inches, this bowl serves as a versatile and eye-catching decor piece.
    4. Multi-Purpose Usage: Ideal for serving fruits, drinks, or as a decorative centerpiece, this bowl adds sophistication to various settings.
    5. Perfect for Gifting: Whether for a new home celebration, Christmas decor, or as a thoughtful gift for women who appreciate handmade treasures, this bowl is a delightful choice.
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