World\’s most beautiful jewellery box

Today we present you the world\’s most beautiful jewellery box as per our own estimates.

Our retired artisan Bashir made this box in 2006. Later on Bashir retired from this work as he could not focus his eyes on such minute minaiture works. He is running a tea shop these days.

The artwork done on this box is miniature Hazara. He has painted the borders is real metallic 22k gold colors with his thinest cat brushes.

Ine can see the magnanimous skills he has put into making the small floral schemes in geometric patterns in lacquer painted colors.

This is a well preserved and enamel coated box meant to last till dooms day.

I hope one lucky customer will someday buy this wonderful box from us so that we can support more such artisans and encourage them to get back to art .

The main reason they are leaving this art is that they cant find living income in this despite putting their greatest efforts and creativity into the pieces.

Help artists, encourage art.

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