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A very big part of Kashmiri culture has been Paper mache art. Kashmir has been a central place of attraction for the whole world throughout the centuries. The main reasons include the hospitality of its people, tourism, talent, creativity and natural beauty.

Kashmir papier mache has been a very important part of this uncommon Kashmir culture and creative works.The main features include drawings, calligraphy and royal artwork.

That is the main reason, the art on walls of mosques and the art on ceilings of shrines is an important part of Kashmir culture. In the 19th and 20th centuries Kashmiri Maharajas and kings along with some elites would also glorify their mahals and palaces with papier mache designs.

Other important products are cashmere wool, rugs, Kashmiri carpets and handicrafts of excellent quality.

Kashmir is a vast reservoir of natural resources like pearls and stones of jewellery nature. Also, for the quality agricultural produce for export. However, the most important thing there has been a silk route. Silk route was a shortcut to China through the vale of Kashmir en route Ladakh.

Moreover, the great number of southern hemisphere populations travelled to and fro for trade and migration through Kashmir. Besides that, Kashmir has been a resting place of emperors and kings as a royal centrepiece of attraction.

Kashmir culture includes a good number of royal gardens and parks like Mughal gardens in Srinagar. Mughal gardens include Shalimar, Nishat, Harwan, Botanical garden of Kashmir, Cheshma Shahi(royal spring), Pari Mahal and the likes. When we ensemble all these cultural aspects, they are taken in an artistic way and portrayed as the paper mache art and paintings of Kashmiri craftsmen and artisans.

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Besides, paper mache, you will find Kashmir in its uniqueness in every other form. Some specialties include:

  • Natural Almonds
  • Natural Saffron
  • Homegrown apples
  • Homegrown Spices,
  • Farmed Walnuts,
  • Wild, Exotic and Indigenous Honey of Kashmir
  • Fine crafted Carpets,
  • Warm aesthetic Shawls.
  • Beautiful Handmade Furnishings like Curtains, pillows etc

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