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Kashmiri Pen Holder – Hand-Painted Floral Art

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Kashmiri Pen Holder Looking for a unique and stylish way to organize your desk? Look no further! Our hand-painted Kashmiri  pen holder is the perfect solution. Standing at 5 inches in height, this square-shaped pen holder is not only functional but also a piece of art.

Exquisite Paper Mache Pill Box – A Fusion of Beauty and Functionality.

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Exquisite Paper Mache Pill Box – A Fusion of Beauty and Functionality. Key Features:Size: Compact and convenient, 3 inches in diameter, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Material: Meticulously crafted from paper mache, showcasing the finesse of Kashmiri artistry. Artistry: Adorned with real gold

Papier Mache Home Decor Painting-Elevate Your Space

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Papier Mache Home Decor Painting Key Features:Dimensions: 24 inches x 18 inches x 1 inch – a substantial size that commands attention. Artwork: “Shabe Guliwilayat” design in a serene blue theme, hand-painted by the legendary Nasir Hussain. Floral and Avian Imagery: Multiple flowers and

Royal Mughal Keepsake Box

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Royal Mughal Keepsake BoxSize: 10″ x 7″ x 2″ – a perfect dimension for preserving your cherished treasures. Material: Meticulously crafted with a blend of paper mache and wood, showcasing the finest in Kashmiri craftsmanship. Artistry: Floral design on a black background, adorned

Paper Mache Letter Rack and a Lovely useful Table Piece

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Paper Mache Letter Rack

Handcrafted Paper Mache Box adorned with Floral Art

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Handcrafted Paper Mache Box Key Features:Material: Meticulously crafted with paper mache, showcasing the artistry of skilled hands. Size: 10 inches x 7 inches x 1.5 inches – providing ample space for your small jewelry treasures. Floral Art in Bluish Shade: Delicate and intricate floral patterns

Golden Chimes: Made-to-Order Paper Mache Bells ( Set of 10 pieces) with Birds Art

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Golden Chimes Add a touch of enchantment to your space with our custom-made Golden Chimes, exquisite paper mache bells adorned with delicate birds art. Each bell is meticulously crafted to order, ensuring a unique and personalized piece that resonates with the beauty of nature.Design: Delicate birds

Floral Hazara Paper Mache Box – 10″ 7″ 2″

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Floral Hazara Paper Mache Box Key Features:Size: 10″ x 7″ (Flat) Artwork: Delicate and intricate floral Hazara patterns, creating a mesmerizing visual tapestry. Material: Wooden box adorned with paper mache, showcasing a seamless blend of craftsmanship. Protection: Lacquer-coated to preserve

Majestic Elephant Statue Hand-Carved Wooden -paper mache Kashmir

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Majestic Elephant Statue Introducing our majestic Elephant Statue, a masterpiece weighing approximately 6 kg. Crafted with precision, we’ve utilized durable walnut wood and adorned it with the ancient art of paper mâché, ensuring a lifelong artistic treasure. Material: Walnut Wood, Paper Mâché Weight:

Paper mache Almira -Kashmir made Cupboard – Wooden Almirah, Small Designed Wardrobe, Colorful Armoire, Artwork Armoire, Wooden Closet, Papier Mâché

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Paper Mache Almira Elevate your home with our handcrafted masterpiece – a handpainted wooden cupboard with distinctive vintage charm. Dimensions: L: 31.5″, B: 15″, H: 38.5″. Immerse yourself in the crafted allure of Arabesque gold flora, geometric patterns, paisley, and fine Hazara
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