Embossed Flower Vase – Kashmir Paper Mache, 28 Inches (Sold as a Pair)**





Elevate your home decor with our exquisite Embossed Flower Vases, crafted with precision from Kashmir paper mache. Standing at an impressive 28 inches, these vases are sold as a pair and feature unique art that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir.





Each vase showcases intricate embossed floral designs in a vibrant array of multicolors, set against a pristine white base. This harmonious blend of colors and textures creates a stunning visual appeal, making these vases a standout addition to any space.





**Key Features:**


– **Material:** High-quality Kashmir paper mache


– **Height:** 28 inches


– **Design:** Embossed floral patterns


– **Color:** Multi-colored florals on a white base


– **Sold As:** Pair


– **Uniqueness:** Handcrafted, each piece is a unique work of art

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28 inched Pair of Embossed flower vase Kashmir paper mache

1 in stock