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Writing desk

Made of walnut wood. Also called a Handcrafted Walnut Wood writing desk for home and office. This is a masterpiece of Kashmir art and paper mache furniture paintings constructed on walnut wood bases. Besides, you will find this an incredibly attractive furniture piece for your room.

It has a foldable flap painted from beneath. Moreover, the paintings of Mughal art are from all sides except the backside. When you close the lid, you will see a surprising view of this art piece.

This item possesses Floral embossed artwork alongside the Mughal paintings as inspired by Mughal art and architecture of India.

The fall flap has an open and closed system to provide a writing platform for practice, with pull-out loppers as support. It also benefits from a working lock and key system.

Size: L: 90 cm/ H: 105 cm/ Breadth: 43 cm;


Embossed Mughal art depicting courts and architecture along with embossed Impressionist floral designs.

Design: This Georgian bureau desk has 13 compartments including drawers, open shelves, Almira and a foldable lid. Though the base material is walnut, the artwork is Papier mache style. Pictures might not be doing justice to this masterpiece.

More details about the handicraft table: please mail us

Material: Paper Board and wood;

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Weight 90 kg


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