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Wooden Kashmir Room Divider

We present this gorgeous wooden room divider made with ancient paper mache art techniques. We have joined four wooden panels with brass hinges to make this great and large divider. You can see this space divider is a very unorthodox decorative furniture piece. You can use it in alleyways, bedrooms, drawing rooms, offices, home office spaces, etc. We have polished the surface of wood by granite and wicker. The next step we have used is binding the tissue paper with resins. We dry the paper layers and colour the base with black. The next step is painting the florals and bushes in geometric forms.

We have provided this folding screen in two main colour patterns. One side is an exclusively pink, green and red floral mix, while the second is a blue and multicolour mix. Moreover, we have layered the artwork with lacquer and enamel paint layers. Lacquer gives the tensile strength to the artwork. This makes the article/divider as a long-lasting art piece. This space divider is portable and can be unscrewed and screwed using normal screwdrivers. We will pack this article in a wooden box.

Artwork: Room divider/ Classic multicoloured Hazara and Gulandar Gul designs on both sides.

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