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wedding keepsake box

We have made this wedding keepsake box from board and wood.

Handmade item art box is a wooden keepsake box painted with paper mache made in Kashmir.

This is a custom wedding gift box made for special gifting purposes like: engagement gift box, wedding keepsake box, wedding shower gift, wedding gift basket, corporate gifts, gift box for her, 1st anniversary gift and couples gifts etc.

We have coated many lacquer coats on this box to preserve the beautiful art work put by our artisan.

Moreover, we have lined the inside of this box with black velvety surface so as to give you that precious feel.

This is a very carefully constructed and finely painted lacquer jewelry box from Kashmir.

We ship worldwide from Kashmir Srinagar India.

Copyright : Mughal Arts Gallery 2022

Kashmir Expo Arts and Crafts

***Custom Clearances***
We ship worldwide to different countries.
Buyers shall always be completely responsible for all clearances fee and import duties towards their countries as per their country’s law. Please don’t expect the seller to pay your custom clearance fees in all cases.***

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