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Self care gift box | Vintage indian gift box set of 3 pieces.

These paper mache boxes also known as Wari boxes used by Indian women to store make up acessories like ‘Sindoor’ .

These boxes are indigenous to Kashmir, India. They are a also known as ‘Kumkum’ boxes.

With this interesting story behind the use of this item, it can be a great gift for newly married friend or family member. You can also use it as a small planter for succulent gift box or a jewelry container or it will be a perfect item for small items such as beads, earrings, rings etc.

Three boxes of different sizes are combined into a set. This is a vintage item therefore some imperfections are expected.

This is a very unusual and unique crafted article and will certainly be an interesting buy!

Approx. dimensions: 5” x 4” ; 4″ 3″ ; 3″ 2″

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