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This beautiful mid century modern box is the handmade paper mache art piece made in Kashmir.

This box has a classical Gulandar Gul art work done in lacquer painted by Khan Amin in the year 2000.

• The Size of this painted lacquer box is 7 inches x 4 inches x 1.5 inches

• It is mostly used as a Painted card box, ring storage box, watch box, Women jewelry box, jewelry storage, earrings storage, small gift box,small trinket box etc.

• This box is Rectangular in shape .There is a red velevty lining inside.
The design painted is multi color Hazara and real gold linings on floral art.
Mostly the artist has showcased the gulandar gul hundreds of flower bunches in a special way on this box. This box will make a great holiday decor for you.
• Way of making: This is a Papier mache hand-crafted article.

Artist has coated the work with Lacquer which makes it durable and it can last for ages.

This is a vintage box made around 20 yrs ago with real gold florals painted in its designs.



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