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Serving tray

This Kashmir paper mache tray depicts the traditional miniature paintings of the Mughal Era. This art deco tray is hand-painted, making it a very unique design. You can use this resin tray as a serving tray and make your table a beautiful talking piece.

Stunning work of resin art by hand out of papier mache technique on this acrylic tray is perfected by lacquer coats to make it durable and water resistant.

Splendid for many beautiful occasions and events, this mid century modern beautiful kitchen decor piece will make a thoughtful and meaningful personalized gifts for someone you love or a wonderful treat for yourself!

This decorative tray has been handcrafted from the upcycled paper board. These vanity tray pieces are carved and painted with multicolored foliage art. This is a handmade set with painted artwork on its surface.

You can use it for decoration at your parties, weddings, functions, and bedroom, and makes a great piece of handmade home decor.

Family can use it to present sweets, dry fruits, fruits, ice creams, delicacies, etc.
Products at Mughal Art Gallery are totally unique and one product cannot be matched with another handcrafted and hand-painted product.

***Custom Clearances***
We ship worldwide to different countries.
Buyers shall always be completely responsible for all clearances fee and import duties towards their countries as per their country’s law. Please don’t expect the seller to pay your custom clearance fees in all cases.***

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