“Artful Organization: Handcrafted Paper Mache Pen/Pencil Holder”


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Pen/Pencil Holder

This handmade pen/pencil holder is a stunning addition to any workspace or home. Measuring 4 inches by 3 inches, it is the perfect size to hold all of your writing utensils. Crafted using the traditional technique of Paper Mache, this pen holder is made from waste paper that has been mashed and hardened to create a unique and durable piece of art.

The colors used in this pen holder are a regal combination of red, golden, black, purple, and blue. The colors are carefully chosen to complement each other and create an eclectic and stunning design. The intricate design is the result of the skilled hands of the artisan who made it. The attention to detail and the passion that went into creating this pen holder is evident in every curve and line.

This pen holder is not just a functional piece of home decor, but also a work of art. It is a perfect gift for anyone you hold dear, as it is not only beautiful but also practical. It can be used to hold pens, pencils, and other small items, making it an ideal addition to any workspace. It can also be used to hold small precious mementos that your child may want to keep, making it a lovely addition to a mantlepiece.

In conclusion, this handmade pen/pencil holder is a must-have for anyone who loves unique and beautiful home decor. Its intricate design and regal colors make it stand out from other pen holders, and its practicality makes it a perfect addition to any workspace. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, and enjoy the eclectic colors of a piece of art made in heaven.

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"Artful Organization: Handcrafted Paper Mache Pen/Pencil Holder"“Artful Organization: Handcrafted Paper Mache Pen/Pencil Holder”

Availability: 1 in stock