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Pen holder

An ideal gift for anyone you hold dear. A lovely mantlepiece will only add to the glow of the room. Give this pen holder to your child, for those small precious mementos to keep.

Size: 4 inches x 3 inches.

The craft of transforming this waste paper, mashing and hardening it and turning it into exquisite pieces of home decor is popularly known as Paper Mache or Papier Mache.

Made into a regal color combination of red, golden, black, purple and blue. Adorn your home with the eclectic colors of a piece of art made in heaven.

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***Custom Clearances*** We ship worldwide to different countries. Buyers shall always be completely responsible for all clearances fee and import duties towards their countries as per their country’s law. Please don’t expect the seller to pay your custom clearance fees in all cases.***

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