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Paper mache bowl:

.We have made this serving fruit bowl from paper mache material. We have recycled the wasted packing material and converted it into the curated piece of art.

• This is sold as a single piece.
• You can buy two pieces to make a pair.

• From the inside the bowl is lined with red colored velvety cloth.
• You can ask us to personalize the bowl before order placement.
• This fruit bowl is painted with different types of foliage designs.
• This can form a good handmade wedding gift .
• This product is made hard and durable with paper mache technique
• The surface of this bowl is Waterproof and enamel coated.

• We have coated Lacquer to make its artwork safe and durable

Uses: fruit bowl, soup bowls, cat bowl, cereal bowl, singing bowls, serving bowl, decorative bowl, ceramic bowls, dough bowl, yarn bowl, resin bowl, ceramic salad bowl, bowl holder, handmade bowls, footed bowl, fish bowl, dough bowl candle, ring bowl, paper bowl, key bowl, wooden bowl, art bowl, strawberry bowl, pasta bowl, wood bowl candle, Halloween bowl.

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Weight 3 kg


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