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We have designed an embossed sycamore leaf anatomy on this embellished handcrafted small jewellery storage box. This forms a great engagement ring box for your life’s special most occasion.This is an exclusive handmade article Made in Kashmir, India.This is a box of memories that will make your partner never forget the moment.
• Size:2.5 inches x 2.5 inches
• Use: Ring presentation.watch box, earrings storage, small gift box, jewelry box, travel jewelry box, travel box,personalised box, personalized gifts, wedding keepsake box, ring box, trinket boxes, unique gifts etc.
• Design: Rectangular shaped box. Black inside. Yellow golden theme with carved foliage designs. Mostly showcased designs are meant for autumn fall like golden sycamore leaves.
• Way of making: Papier mache hand-crafted article
• Waterproof: Enamel coats make it water proof.
• Lacquer coating makes it durable and it can last for centuries.

COPYRIGHT 2021: Kashmir Papier Mache
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