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Mid century modern housewarming flower vase pair makes a great summer gift for a couple.
These handmade home decor vases have been crafted on a recycled paper mache base. Then we have painted a sycamore geometric fall decor design in gold colors on this pair.
We have used Lacquer and tampera paints in making of this modern vase.
These vases have been made in Kashmir India around 15 – 20 years ago.

This colourful vase pair makes a wonderful and a colorful variety for art-loving people.

This wedding favors vase is sold as a pair and makes a great and aesthetic room decor.

• This minimalist vase has a removable brass-built mouth that helps the vase retain the water for keeping flowers fresh.
• This decorative vase is made up of hardened paper mache.
• The surface of this vase is Waterproof and enamel coated with lacquer.

Shipping: We ship these vases with national post and they will reach the customers in USA and Europe in approximately 20 days time.
For faster delivery and better tracking, you can upgrade the shipping methods at checkout by paying some additional shipping fees.

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