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Hand painted Vase

Hand painted Vase Tall art vases,  Floral art vase, Light vase despite being large and tall, A unique vase crafted with a unique design that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

A great colorful vases variety for color-loving people.  We have made this vase from paper mache material. We have recycled the wasted packing material and converted it into a curated piece of art.

This is sold as pair. There is brass built mouth that helps vase retain the water for keeping flowers fresh. This flower vase is painted with different types of exotic flower designs.

This is a hand-painted vase with fine artwork on its surface.  You can use it for decorating purposes. This can form a great handmade wedding gift for your special one.

This product is made hard and durable with the papier mache technique  The surface of this vase is Waterproof and enamel coated  We have coated Lacquer to make its artwork safe and durable.

We ship worldwide from Kashmir, Srinagar India.

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