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Fruit bowl

Decorative wedding gift bowl is made of brass and paper mache.
This fruit bowl forms a great piece of kitchen decor and amkes a wonderful storage and serving cozy fruit bowl.

Size: 16 cm in length; 13 cm in height.
This serving ceramic bowl dish is painted with real gold colors and green flora and foliage in miniature colors and lacquer.

The artwork on this selenite rustic decor bowl has been preserved by the multiple coatings of lacquer paint to make its art everlasting and shiny for decades.

This is a completely handcrafted crystal singing decorative bowl that can be used as a fruit bowl, weed bowl, cereal bowl, soup bowl cozy, pasta bowl, popcorn bowl, bowl cozy, ramen bowl set, food bowl or as a matcha bowl etc.This will also make a great gift for your unique occasions.

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