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TheMughalBride: Flower girl basket with the rustic, birch, and boho wedding feel.

*****Product Description******
Size: 8.5 inches in width, 7.5 inches in height, and 10 inches in depth
Kashmir paper mache basket is handcrafted from recycled wasted packing material which is converted to this art piece.
We have hand-painted the designs on the black-painted surface of this rustic basket.

This is a personalizable bohemian basket made from paper mache.
This is a purely handmade product from Kashmir India.
This wedding basket is painted with different types of foliage designs that add to its crafted beauty.

This can form a wonderful gift basket for women, a new mom gift basket, a puppy gift basket, a gathering basket, a bridesmaid gift, a new home gift basket, and a Flower girl basket.
Makes an excellent engagement gift box as well.

This beautiful art form has been adapted to create these exquisite items of beauty and utility.

***Custom Clearances*** We ship worldwide to different countries. Buyers shall always be completely responsible for all clearances fee and import duties towards their countries as per their country’s law. Please don’t expect the seller to pay your custom clearance fees in all cases.***

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