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Elegant jewelry trunk

We have made this elegant jewelry trunk collection from paper mache and wood. This box has a lock system in place. There is a velvety removable partition inside. You can store all kinds and sizes of jewelry in this box.

You can ask us for personalization before order placement. We have made this Handcrafted jewel box from waste paper board and wood. We have recycled the wasted packing material and converted it into the curated piece of art.

Size: L 48 cm x H 38 cm x B 35 cm

This forms a great handmade wedding gift, anniversary gift, engagement gift, graduation gift and is a very unique product which wont be made again as this artist Bashir has grown off age and cant paint this kind of the miniature and small floral drawings anymore due to his weaker eyesight.

Fill the box with love, and gift it to the one who has the most sophisticated taste of art.

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