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Beggar bowls

This beautiful Kashmiri paper mache beggar bowls are completely handmade products.

A beautifully crafted piece of decor cum storage makes its way into your home and blends in with that arty theme which you have always dreamt about.

The decor takes the form of a bowl and is conjured by skilled craftsmen from the Valley of Kashmir from the remnants of waste paper.

Size is 28 cm L x 18 cm W.

The paper mache vintage fruit bowl makes a wonderful , snack bowl, beggar bowl,candy bowl,salad bowl, food bowl, mixing bowl, bowl cozies, coconut bowl, decorative bowls, personalized gift, unique gifts and an excellent gift for friend.


***Custom Clearances*** We ship worldwide to different countries. Buyers shall always be completely responsible for all clearances fee and import duties towards their countries as per their country’s law. Please don’t expect the seller to pay your custom clearance fees in all cases.***

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