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Size: 10 inches x 7 inches x 2.5 inches
Material: Wood and Paper mache and Velvet
Artwork: Acrylic lacquer paints.

Uses :
You can make a magnificent acrylic invitation with this beautiful handmade jewelry box. You can also gift some excellent halloween decor jewelry in this cool mid century modern personalized gifts box. We have used some high quality wood and paper mache to make this engraved jewelry box.
Moreover, you will find a wonderful artwork and design on this beautiful bridesmaid gifts box.
Also, this box features a beautiful velvety surface from inside and from the bottom and forms a wonderful piece of islamic wedding gift.
This is a completely handmade home decor piece that you can own and this keepsake box has some really deep drilled and very fine paper mache-painted artwork on its surface.
This will also make a great engagement gift box for your special ones.
Further, this will form a wonderful graduation gift for your loved ones.
One can store many kinds and sizes of jewelry and accessories in this jewelry organizer.

The artwork on this box has been preserved with multiple coats of lacquer and varnish. Handwork is meant to last for centuries to come.
Hand paintings on this box is completely unique and unfound in the whole world.

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