Eco-friendly and adorable Kashmir Paper Mache Products

Kashmir Paper Mache Products

Kashmir paper mache products are considered as highly stylized and complex combination of crafts manufactured here.

Variety of paper mache goods contain strata and streams within our rich history.

Tourists and ambassadors from America and Europe who frequently visited Kashmir for its natural beauty in the 15th century were the main buyers of paper mache.

Pashmina traders would often choose very elegant paper mache boxes as shawl storage boxes. These decorative boxes would be highly prized and sold independently.

Kashmir paper mache is a renowned art also known with the name papier mache in Europe. It is a very popular art handcrafted in Kashmir.

Current form of paper mache is actually an Iranian art form which was taught to Kashmiris by the followers of the great Muslim philosopher and saint Mir Sayyid Ali from Hamadan, Iran.

Sayyid visited Kashmir 3 times in his life teaching Islam and different methods of livelihood generation to the Kashmiri folks.

These crafts included Pashmina making from cashmere wool, carpet making, wood carving and paper mache.

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Paper mache is primarily made from the Eco-friendly materials like waste paper and board. This paper pulp and board is obtained from the wastes of packaging industry, newspapers read by people and other wastes and converted into objects of raw pulp shapes.

These objects are given the shapes of vases, boxes, bowls, cups, trays, lamp bases and many other small objects.

Craftsmen of Kashmir paper mache products often make the goods in the workshops which are mostly located in their houses.

They also keep one room in their houses as a showroom and make sales from their homes only.

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