Finely crafted Paper mache painted pots and vases

hand painted vase,painted pots and vases

Paper mache painted pots and vases Paper mache painted pots and vases from Kashmir are a beautiful form of traditional art that has been practiced in the region for centuries. The art of paper mache involves creating objects by pasting layers of paper over a mold and then painting them with intricate designs and motifs. […]

Kashmiri craftsmanship

kashmiri craftsmanship

Kashmiri craftsmanship Kashmiri craftsmanship is known worldwide for its intricacy and beauty. The artisans of Kashmir have been honing their craft for centuries, passing down their skills from generation to generation. From weaving to embroidery, from woodworking to paper-mache, the art of Kashmiri craftsmanship is truly a marvel. The history of Kashmiri craftsmanship dates back […]

Art Lover’s Guide to the luxurious Kashmiri Jewelry Boxes

kashmiri jewelry boxes

Kashmiri Jewelry Boxes Are you an art lover looking for the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion? Look no further than a traditional Kashmiri jewelry box! For centuries, these exquisitely crafted boxes have been used to store and protect precious items, and their intricate designs have made them a sought-after symbol of artistry and […]

Kashmir Expo’s Creative Paper Mache Crafts: A guide to decorating your home with

paper mache crafts

Kashmir Expo’s paper mache crafts Kashmir paper mache crafts Are you looking to decorate your home with unique and beautiful paper mache crafts? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Kashmir Expo offers a wide selection of paper mache crafts, perfect for any home décor. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of […]

Traditional crafts of Kashmir

blue-brass-beggar-bowl, beggar bowls

The traditional crafts of Kashmir are a source of great pride for the people of this beautiful land. From the intricate patterns of the Kashmiri carpets and shawls to the delicate wood carvings and the exquisite chain stitch, Papier Machie, Crewel, Namdha, Phool Kari, these crafts have been a part of Kashmiri culture for centuries. […]

10 Tips for Collecting Kashmir Paper Mache Fine Art

collecting kashmir paper mache, indian vases

Collecting Kashmir paper mache Kashmir paper mache is a unique and beautiful form of handicraft that has been practiced for centuries in the Kashmir region of India. Known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors, it has become increasingly popular among collectors and art enthusiasts. If you are interested in collecting Kashmir paper mache art, […]

Exquisite Handcrafted Paper Mache Vases: A Short Story of 10 vases

paper mache vases

Paper Mache Vases This story relates to the importance of paper mache crafts in the Kashmir valley. The story of paper mache Kashmir began as a means of survival. In the wake of war, political unrest, and rampant unemployment, the artisans of Kashmir had to find a way to make ends meet. Once upon a […]

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