Art Lover’s Guide to the luxurious Kashmiri Jewelry Boxes

kashmiri jewelry boxes

Kashmiri Jewelry Boxes

Are you an art lover looking for the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion? Look no further than a traditional Kashmiri jewelry box! For centuries, these exquisitely crafted boxes have been used to store and protect precious items, and their intricate designs have made them a sought-after symbol of artistry and prestige. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of these boxes, the materials they are crafted from, and the perfect ways to use Kashmiri jewelry boxes to celebrate a milestone event.

Let me begin with this small story from our shop some fifty years ago.

Once upon a time, in our small paper mache workshop tucked away in a quiet corner of Dalgate . In this shop, a master craftsman Ali Muhammad Mughal my grandfather and his team of apprentices worked tirelessly to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind wooden boxes.

The master craftsman had been in the business of creating papier mache boxes for many years, and he had perfected the art of lacquer coating, velvet lining, and hand-painting intricate designs. No two boxes were ever the same, and the process of creating them was both tedious and rewarding.

One day, the master craftsman received an unusual request. A customer wanted him to create a series of wooden boxes, each with a different design and lovingly hand-crafted from paper mache and real gold colors.

The master craftsman was excited by the challenge. He and his apprentices worked diligently for days, crafting the kashmiri jewelry boxes with great care and precision. After weeks of hard work, the customer was delighted with the results.

The boxes were breathtakingly beautiful, with intricate details and designs. The velvet lining provided the perfect protection for any jewellery that might be inside.

The wooden kashmiri jewelry boxes were a labour of love, and the master craftsman was proud of the unique and exquisite products he had created. He knew that his hard work and dedication had paid off, and that these boxes would be cherished by their owners for many years to come.


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