The short story of paper mache

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The old man and his wife were in awe of the beauty of the Dal Lake of Kashmir. They had come from Canada to see it and had decided to stay in a hotel on Boulevard Srinagar for their first night.
The next night, they decided to stay in a houseboat on the lake. To their surprise, they found that the walls, tables and floors were decorated with beautiful paper mache crafts.
The couple were curious and asked what it was. They were taken to a workshop nearby, where they saw a plethora of colors and rags and paper waste. It was the artistic essence of Kashmir and the couple were mesmerized.
They had come there for a short visit, but now they wanted to stay longer. It was the paper mache craft of Zainal Abidin the king who had once brought this craft in Kashmir from Iran, and the old man and his wife wanted to buy all of it, and order even more. The crafted pieces and painted pieces were simply unbelievable.

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